The bee's wrap gift guide

The bee's wrap gift guide

We’re biased, of course, but we love giving Bee’s Wrap. Everyone eats — and everyone, to our mind, deserves a better way to store food.

On its own, Bee's Wrap makes a great stocking stuffer, host or hostess gift, or “just because” present. And we’re the first to say that when it comes to giving, there’s no need to go over the top: the small, thoughtful gift is often the most perfect kind.

But we also know that sometimes you want to add a little oomph to a present. And that’s when we pair Bee’s Wrap with a few other favorite products. Hunting for ideas? We've got you covered.


Green On the Go

Our sandwich wrap, paired with a few other zero-waste essentials, makes it easy to eat on the go without generating trash in the process. We love a small stainless steel cup (this one from Klean Kanteen is the perfect size to tuck in a lunchbox or handbag), a cloth napkin, bamboo utensils, and a reusable straw. Together, you’ve got a lunch kit that’s beautiful, eco-friendly, and designed well.

cheese wrap

Cheese, Please

There’s no better way to store cheese than Bee’s Wrap; our naturally breathable wraps are easy to form around blocks of cheese, and prevent cheese from growing slimy (as it so often does in plastic wrapping). Our cheese wrap set features three wraps sized for the cheddar-, gouda-, and brie-loving friend in your life. Pair with a beautiful cutting board for an instant cheese board.

Eco-friendly kitchen gear

Green Kitchen Swaps

The kitchen is the heart of the home, right? There's no better place to embrace beauty, simplicity, and environmentally friendly swaps. Pair our assorted three-pack (our bestseller for good reason!) with a few other useful kitchen tools to replace disposable goods — like a glass bottle for cleaning solution from Grove, and scrubbing brushes to swap in for your sponges.

One for the Bees

Perhaps the most natural pairing of all, we love to give Bee’s Wrap alongside a jar of honey from local beekeepers. Look for small beekeeping operations with a commitment to responsible beekeeping; by supporting these beekeepers, you’re supporting healthy pollinator populations in your region. What could be sweeter?

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