Explore the Forest Floor

Explore the Forest Floor

One of the great things about the northeast is the hiking. Trails are everywhere, and you’re usually rewarded with beautifully dense forest. It’s the perfect way to disconnect from all the noise of everyday life and just enjoy a day, or weekend, out exploring.

The sound of the birds and insects, the vibrant colors, the earthy smell - it’s both tranquil and inspiring. That inspiration from our surroundings, real or imagined, led us to the creation of our Forest Floor Print. Hitting the trails, adventuring, enjoying the outdoors - It’s best done when we leave no trace.

Forest Floor Assorted 3-Pack - Bee's Wrap Beeswax Wraps

With Bee’s Wrap, and some homemade snacks, keeping the trails clean is a breeze.

So, grab some new Forest Floor Wraps, pack your favorites, and adventure somewhere new in a sustainable way - because nature’s camo isn’t plastic.

Forest Floor Assorted 3-Pack

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