Supporting a community driven project to sew face masks

Supporting a community driven project to sew face masks

Volunteers across the USA are making face masks to support healthcare and other essential workers in need of protection against the COVID 19 Virus. The CDC has approved fabric masks as a last resort option due to shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

There are lots of resources that offer tips and tricks to sewing face masks, here are a few of our lessons learned:

  • 100% cotton is preferred for its breathability and holds up to multiple washings
  • Use of a sewing machine provides consistency to ensure no missed seams
  • Most face mask construction requires two pieces of precut fabric
  • Masks can be tied to the face with fabric
  • Fabric ties are good options because they can hold up to multiple washings and bleaching
  • Elastic can also be sewn into the fabric to ensure the mask is fitted properly
  • ¼” flat elastic works best, wider elastic can be cut in narrow strips if needed
  • Fabric pins
  • Thread
    • Precut fabric dimensions of 6 x 9”
    • Flat Elastic ¼ inches wide by 6 ½ inches long
    • Sewing pleats whilst seeming an extra step does make for a more fitted mask
    • Here is a great picture tutorial of the steps including those elusive fabric pleats

    Resources we use for making face masks that are published by Healthcare Communities:

    Download PDF Instructions

    Sewing Machine Demonstration using Elastic Ties

    Face mask Design with Fabric Ties

    How to Hand Sew a Face Mask

    Bee’s Wrap is working on a small scale using volunteer sewing enthusiasts to craft face masks in our local community to health and elder care facilities in need. We regret we do not have the capacity to sell face masks as part of this project.

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