Meet the bees + bears

Meet the bees + bears

Your go-to kit for on-the-go eating — in our newest print, Bees + Bears, inspired by the New England ecosystem we call home.

We believe sustainable living should be beautiful and practical. That's why, from the beginning, Bee's Wrap has been both a utilitarian solution to a problem and a tactile, aesthetically pleasing addition to our homes and kitchens. Our premise: Let's reduce plastic in our lives. And let's do so in a way that's beautiful, too.

Add in the fact that we're kind of textile nerds around these parts, and can you blame us for geeking out over a new print?

We're thrilled to be unveiling our Bees + Bears print for 2018, in a vibrant cobalt blue. For inspiration, we turned to the place we call home: New England's rich ecosystem. We share this place with black bears who ramble through woods and hills, and bees who pollinate crops and wildflowers. We find sweetness in the beauty of our landscape (and in the syrup harvested from our maple trees, and the berries plucked from wild bushes).

We're launching this new print with a new addition to our line-up: the Lunch Pack, designed to make it easier to take sustainable choices with you through your day. Whether you're bound for the school cafeteria or the corporate boardroom, summiting a local peak or picnicking with the kids, our Lunch Pack provides a replacement for disposable plastics and pesky sandwich baggies.

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