Size Chart

Small Wrap

7" x 8"

  • Storing small-sized produce and snacks like half a lemon or avocado, end of a cucumber, handful of cherries

Medium Wrap

10" x 11"

  • Storing cheese and medium-sized produce (half a bell pepper or grapefruit)
  • Packing snacks on the go (nuts, fruit, cookies, you name it)
  • Covering a Mason jar or small bowl

Large Wrap

13" x 14"

  • Storing larger produce (bunch of kale, asparagus, carrots or celery)
  • Covering a bowl or pie dish
  • Wrapping a big block of cheese

Bread Wrap

17" x 23"

  • Keeping bread fresh
  • Covering platters or casserole dishes
  • Proofing dough
  • Rolling out cookies and pie crust


14" x 52"

  • All your food storage needs


13" x 13"

  • Packing sandwiches for school lunch, work, and weekend adventures

Produce Bags

11" x 11" - 12.5" x 12.5"

  • Keeping fresh greens, herbs, and other produce fresh in the fridge
  • Storing bread and dry bulk goods in the pantry